About Us

We are a group of ordinary BTS fans who believe in the power of knowledge and discussion.

For the past two weeks, we have spent much of our time studying, debating, writing, and debating again about the series of events we observed during the months of October and November. The fact that we hail from five different continents made us wake up to hundreds of messages every morning. But we loved it.

We are students, writers, engineers, translators, scientists, teachers, economists, artists, editors, and designers with degrees in history, literature, journalism, theology, English, Japanese, Korean, international relations, intercultural communication, chemistry, business, economics, philosophy, engineering, translation & interpretation, graphic design, and digital media.

We are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Deist, Methodist, Catholic, and Agnostic. We speak English, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, Russian, Portuguese, and German.

We are also diverse in age. Some of us were born earlier than Jungkook by a narrow margin and managed to obtain the noona status. Some of us get to enjoy the privilege of showing off their son’s beautiful hair in our group chat.

We acknowledge that our diversity does not represent that of ARMY as a whole. It is also not our intention to represent anyone other than ourselves. We, however, hope that our collective knowledge and research, and our love for BTS and ARMY can reach and touch many people of greater diversity.


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